Alex Bainter

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a web developer who likes to create audio/visual experiences both digital and not.

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Corruption Loops

Digitally disintegrating music

This site generates a unique, short recording of music to loop and then corrupts the audio data while the music plays, allowing the listener to hear the result of data corruption. Listen as peaceful piano notes are slowly transformed into white noise.

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Endlessly unique ambient music

A platform for generative music pieces played in the browser. In addition to the site itself, I create and maintain the generative music systems currently featured on it. Every performance is unique and never repeats, and yet the music lasts as long as you're willing to listen. Even though you'll never hear the same thing twice, each performance of a piece is unmistakably familiar. Many users find the music is perfect for listening to during activities which require concentration, like reading, writing, or working.

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A lovely interactive music generator

Much like its obvious inspiration "Bloom", the terrific iPhone app by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, Blossom allows you to click or tap to create an ever-evolving music and color experience. It enables anyone to create beautiful ambient music inside their browser. Also inlcuded is an endless self-playing functionality, with which one can either play along or simply watch and enjoy.

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